DoProto Electronics
Excellence in Electronics Design

Value Proposition

Experience matters:

  • Over 60 boards with signal speeds exceeding 300 MHz designed every year.
  • Over 30 RF boards designed every year
  • Choice of extensive design and schematic review process to identify design issues.
  • Multi-Core ARM, DDR3, 12 Core PowerPC, Xilinx 7-Series.
  • Bus Standards: PCIe, SATA, DDR3, 10GbE, VME64x, VPX, SFP+, 10G Crosspoint and more
  • Form-factors: SHB, SODIMM, QSeven, OpenCompute COM-Express, ATX variants
  • Signal Mix: IF/RF, Mixed-Signal and high-frequency Analog boards and high-speed digital boards
  • Substrates: Nelco, Isola, Rogers and other proprietary material

Not just drafting, we bring deep system understanding and engineering rigor to PCB layout activity:

  • Review and Issue of clear layout guidelines to layout draftsman
  • Periodic review of the layout by experienced engineers with domain knowledge
  • Extensive Q/A reports that validate various layout artifacts and layout choices:
    • Footprint dimensions
    • Plane split: Power and Ground
    • Lengths matched
    • Differential Trace parametrics
    • Single -Ended Impedance Trace parametrics
    • Clock pathways
    • Power Trace characteristics etc
  • Versioned and scheduled file release: Mercurial(Hg) used for design versioning

We have delivered layout, analysis for boards with the following design constraints:

  • Maximum layers: 30
  • Maximum BGAs per board: 12
  • Maximum connections: 30,000
  • Minimum line width: 3 mil
  • Minimum spacing: 4mil
  • Minimum Via: 4mil
  • Maximum data-rate on a single board: 48Gbps
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 180 DegC

Honest design & drafting: We use licensed toolset for all design, analysis & drafting

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