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Signal Integrity & Thermal Analysis

DoProto has designed and prototyped boards for various MIl standards and down-hole temperature requirements.

The following are the key offerings for Signal Integrity and Thermal Analysis:

  • Signal Integrity analysis for compliance to various standards from JDEC, PCISG and other standards bodies
  • Crosstalk Analysis upto 10 G lanes
  • Analysis of IF Signal paths for sub 10 ns group delay in pass band
  • Backplane and Interconnect fidelity analysis: upto 2.5 Gbps
  • Eye Pattern & Jitter analysis for various standards compliance
  • Stack up optimization: 20 signal layers
  • Thermal Analysis of boards operating at 180degC

Our unique proposition in SI & Thermal Analysis is:

  • Vast experience on account of doing Pre-layout analysis for over 300 designs
  • Vast experience on account of doing Post-layout analysis for over 1200 designs
  • 300 man-months of experience in analysis, validation against the following radiated and conducted emissions standards:
    • US: FCC Part 15-2008.
    • EU: EN 55022:2006 +A1:2007 for Emissions.
    • EN 61000-3-2:2006 +A1:2009+A2:2009 for Harmonics.
    • EN 55024:1998 +A1:2001+A2:2003 for Immunity.
  • In-depth knowledge of signaling and fidelity requirements for the following standards:
  • XAUI, RapidIO, PCI-Express, AUORA, CamLink, VPX, VME64x, DDR3/4, USB3 and many draft standards
  • In-depth knowledge of RFIC's and RF Signal path linearity analysis
  • In-depth knowledge of thermal operating requirements in Down-Hole temperature, Military and other harsh environment systems

Signal Integrity analysis at DoProto is done by engineers with over a decade of experience in the domain.

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