DoProto Electronics
Excellence in Electronics Design

Digital, SoC, FPGA Board Design

DoProto has proven track record designing Printed Circuit Boards with various  digital circuit components, SoC and associated peripherals, FPGA  with configurable Pin-Out.

DoProto has successfully designed boards as follows:

  • Multi-Core ARM, DDR3, Multi-Core Core PowerPC, Altera Cyclone and Xilinx 7-Series.
  • Bus Standards: PCIe, SATA, DDR3, 10GbE, VME64x, VPX, SFP+, 10G Crosspoint and more
  • Form-factors: SHB, SODIMM, QSeven, OpenCompute, COM-Express, FMC, ATX variants
  • Interface Standards:
    • 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet, RGMII, SGMII and GMII
    • Analog Video HD/SD
    • 24/15/8 bit multiplexed imaging transmission & Acquisition
    • LVDS, ChannelLink, FPDLink, CameraLink
  • FPGA floor planning and I/O optimization
  • Miniaturization and extremely dense board design

One of the key unique propositions about doing an SoC or FPGA board with DoProto is that the activity is supervised by engineers with experience on developing products on PowerPC, ARM Processors and Xilinx, Altera FPGA's. This engineering supervision ensures minimal intervention/support from customer team during floor-planning, freeing the customer engineers from the tedious floor-planning activity.

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