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Design for Manufacturability & Test

We have been delivering consistently high-quality Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Test (DFT) services to our customers. DoProto verifies and ensures the manufacturability of a design against a set of rules that are derived from fabricator and assembler capability, standards compliance and customer inputs.

Our unique proposition of DFM service is:

  • Over 1600 designs validated for DFM
  • A checklist driven process that checks over 300 different rules
  • Optimal panel design for the best yield
  • Not just the final files but the following manufacturing files are versioned in a Mercurial repository and delivered:
    • Gerber Files of Each Layer
    • Versioned Drill Files
    • Aperture Files
    • ASCII Files
    • Netlist files
    • Fabrication Drawings
    • Assembly Drawings
    • Layer Drawings
    • X-Y Placement Data
  • Expertise derived from over a decade of CAM and manufacturing process understanding.

Our unique proposition in Design for Test (DFT) is:

  • 100% test coverage for required signals in HDI Boards
  • Optimized test points for ICT and Assembly line test
  • Re-use of existing board land patterns for test without disturbing the signal integrity and electrical parameters
  • DFT alone done for over 1600 designs

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