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Analog & Mixed Signal Layout

DoProto is your reliable partner for Analog and Mixed Signal PCB Layout

The team at DoProto has experience and understanding of key analog component layout requirements, such as:

  • Layout of Amplifiers, Attenuators and Transformers
  • Layout of Operational Amplifiers, Active and Passive filter networks
  • Thermal noise handling especially when using OCXO and such components
  • Routing of clock networks and clock isolation
  • Power Integrity & Design based on Regulator/Convertor Topology

We have experience and understanding of key mixed-signal layout requirements, such as:

  • Current loop Optimization & Separation of Power Grounds
  • Isolation of Analog and Digital Signals avoiding cross-talk
  • Experience in Data Convertor clock layout
  • Experience in Video, Audio and Imaging component layout, routing
  • Experience in a variety of MEMS and Physics based sensors

The Analog and Mixed Signal PCB Layout activity is supervised by engineers with over a decade of experience in the relevant area, thus enabling your PCB tape-out to happen right, the first time !!.

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